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Unless otherwise stated, the copyright for pictures, graphics and textual content remains with the creator of the Freedom Central universe, namely Jason (J.D.) Gallaway. Textual content that is copyrighted by someone else will be contained here in quotes, while graphics and pictures will either be sited directly on the image file's display surface or in the caption/context.

No part of this website, the information contained nor the pictures and graphics, may be used without prior written permission of the author.

The structural design of this site is based on the LCARS&tm; or "Library Computer Access and Retrievel System" which is the primary computer operating system (OS) of the computers aboard the fictional starships of the Star Trek universe, an intellectual property of Paramount Pictures/Studios. While the basic design is very similar, some specific structural liberties were taken with the design used here, which represents the operating system design used aboard the equally fictional locomotive computers of the Freedom Central's railroad subsidiaries. For further information on this idea, please reference the "LCARS LOS" section in the "Juniata Falls Archives" portion of the site.

In reference to the FC Imagineers!, I first learned of the term "imagineering" from its use by Disney. Since Walt Disney is well known to have been a serious railfan in his own right, the Freedom Central's use of Imagineers! to identify it's own R&D department is in respect and hommage to one of the greatest railfans the world has ever known.

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NOTICE: Freedom Central Corp is a ficticious creation made for my sole benefit and amusement. NO claims are made to provide benefits or services to others.
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