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You might be wondering what "Donate Ware" is. Simply put, it is software that you get to download freely. The only caveat is that I hope you would be willing to send a small token of appreciateion my way if you decide that my creation was worth your time. Although I am not offering software for your computer, nor a book filled with facts or tutorials on how to build/create/do something, I am offering a book whose sole purpose is to entertain, but possibly spur the inspiration of others as well.

Because it costs me nothing to offer this service to the public, I don't feel justified to ask you to put out good money in this economic climate for something that amounts to a few twirls of some electrons. That being said, I also feel that the mainstream publishers charge WAY too much for their eBooks. A recent trilogy I enjoy, in trade paperback, was $7.99 while the ebook was... you guessed it, $7.99. Now; considering the paper version needs to cover the cost of printing, the cost of the paper & binding, the cost of packaging, the cost of transportation from the printer to the warehouse, the cost of shipping from the warehouses to the stores, and the markup creating the profit for the stores; how do they figure that the ebook; which has costs only of the time to add links to the website, the bandwidth to download the file to your reader, and the profit sharing with the "eco-system provider" (Google Play, iTunes, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc) has the same costs as the physical printed version? I just can't accept that it does. As a result of all this thinking, I figure that the DonateWare model is the best format to ask for payment if you like my book. I m not asking for fifteen or twenty dollars, just whatever you think is a fair price. Five dollars? Seven? Three? Works for me. I just want to say thank you for being nice enough to consider compensating me for your entertainment.

Download the e-Book Unfortunately, the ebook is not available at this time. I could come up with some complicated-sounding techno-babble B.S. that makes it seem like it isn't my fault, but that ain't the truth. The truth is that the book isn't done yet. Everytime I think I have finsihed it, something comes up that generates a new idea and... well you get the idea. Right now I'm integrating the ideas for the Appalachia Great Eastern Rwy. Once thats done, I should be ready to publish... I hope. Check back, you never know what you might find.

FCR RailShop @ CafePress On the other hand, if you want, you can jump over to the Freedom Central's eStore at CafePress to see what other items we have for sale. All proceeds benefit the Freedom Central's Research & Development budget... we all thank you for that :-) !

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NOTICE: Freedom Central Corp is a ficticious creation made for my sole benefit and amusement. NO claims are made to provide benefits or services to others.
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