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Though the Freedom Central Railroad was only incorporated in 2008 and the parent corporation wasn't founded until 3years later, our purchases over the last two decades have given us a history that stretches back almost to the birth of the railroad industry itself. Our acquizition and merger of the Arcade & Attica; the purchase and rehabilition of the East Broad Top; our endowment to the Allegheny Valley Historical Society and the recent construction of the Juniata Falls Locomotive Werx are all linked, not only by the current corporation, but also through a shared link in history.

It is in that vein that this section of the FCCorp.US website is written. Our story links us all and through that common heritage we are building a better future for America.

The reason for writing this book in the first place was for myself: I needed a way to keep a record of all the ideas I had for my dream world. As I wrote my ideas to paper (yes, my first draft was done on paper; further edits have been done on paper since the FRA's issuance of Emergency Order #26) I realized that others might benefit from reading the story. Only two other roads that I know of, have taken the idea of proto-freelancing as far as I have: Suleski Transportation and the Virginian & Ohio. My story demonstrates how a tweak of the timeline here, a nudge there, can allow you to create a whole new world, one where you can run trains the way you want to.

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NOTICE: Freedom Central Corp is a ficticious creation made for my sole benefit and amusement. NO claims are made to provide benefits or services to others.
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