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The Juniata Falls Locomotive Werx is a direct result of building my workshop here in NorthCentral PA. When I lived in Harrisburg I built modules and kitbashed equipment in my apartment, but I did not consider it my workshop. As I tooled up my shop, I wanted to include a sign for my shop in the likelyness of the old P.R.R. Station Signs: PRR.Railfan.Net Station Sign Maker - "Juniata Falls". But of course, I never could leave well enough alone, and thats when I developed the scheme for the Freedom Central's Station Signs.

Juniata Falls Locomotive Werx is Freedom Central:s Department of Engineering's primary workshop. Officially, our prototyping workshop in Freedom New York (belonging to the Freedom Central Imagineers!), reports to the officials at Juniata Falls. Unofficially, the Imagineers! design while Juniata builds. Hey, its a system that works for us.

Drawings Archives Part of what made the development of the Freedom Central possible was the drawings of the Railroad Paint Shop (RPS at Railfan.Net). After beginning designing the FCRR's paint scheme, I realized that nothing was going to work since the FCRR used steam and designing paint on a diesel would not work. That was until I noticed that the artist/site author had a drawing of the ACE-3000, a 1980's designed advanced steam locomotive. That was the beginning. I decided to do a drawing myself and chose to do up a drawing of the Aristocraft Trains model of the 4-6-2 Pacific. Since I had this engine, it made sense. I now have a host of my own steam locomotive drawings and here at the FCR Paint Shop is where you can find them.

Projects Database Despite everything else, Juniata Falls Werx primary responsibility is to bring the rusted hlks of archeology that the Freedom Central purchase into living, breathing sculptures of America's industrial might. In other words, to build the engines that run our railroad. While the ACE-3000-9 and other more "off-the-shelf" engines can be purchased from the established manufacturers, our unique use of all the major forms of motive power require that we maintain a backshop capable of rebuilding 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation steam; (bio)diesel-electric; hydrogen-electric; hydrogen-turbine-electric and straight electric locomotives. This is where you can learn about our projects: completed & underway.

LCARS Locomotive O.S. As the Freedom Central began developing its own identity and technical proficiency, we continued to perfect the integration of modern technology with our original fleet of advanced 2nd Generation steam locomotives. With the integration of microprocessors into vintage steam operations, it became painfully obvious that modifying commercially available systems to fit our needs was not working. With this in mind, the R&D teams at JFX's Imagineers! went to work creating the design specs for a multi-fuel locomotive operating system. The result of their development work is the Freedom Central's LCARS OS.

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NOTICE: Freedom Central Corp is a ficticious creation made for my sole benefit and amusement. NO claims are made to provide benefits or services to others.
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