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The Archives presented here are for your own entertainment. A few components, knuckles, air hoses and the track are copyrighted by Joshua Moldover of the Railroad Paint Shop. Presented here, these drawings are shared with the public for use as templates for designing your own paint schemes. Please do not use them in any commercial usage without written permission.

0-4-0 - S.4.a
Freedom Class
Based on: LGB 2010
S.4.a Class Switcher Image S.4.a Project
S.4.a Background

2-4-0 - S.32.a
Based on: LGB 20232
S.32.a Prototype Engine Image S.32.a Project
S.32.a Background

B-B - RDC-X.1.a
Based on: ART 22800
A&A Ecursion RDC-X.1.a Image RDC.X1.a Project
RDC.X1.a Background

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